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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Gem Scarab

Gem scarabs are cat-sized beetles found primarily in deserts, though some miners claim to have seen them in especially rich caves. These scarabs are actually a pretty big problem for any occupation that relies on the collection of metal or precious stones, since they're the beetles' main source of food. As well as being big enough that their bites would leave a significant mark, the gem scarab is, of course, magically competent.

The colour of the gem is indicative of the scarab's spell's element; diamonds for light, emeralds for acid, sapphire for cold, etc... The spells are relatively weak and primarily used as a distraction so the scarab can fly or burrow away. However, if feeling especially territorial or threatened, the scarab can prove dangerous to common people and inexperienced adventurers.

So did you know that living beetle jewellery is actually a thing? Apparently the maquech beetle is this really docile little buddy, so some people have taken to attaching rhinestones and golden chains to them to make them into living brooches. It's kinda pretty, but it seemed weird to use a literal live animal as personal decor. Apparently you can keep them alive for 2-3 years if you make sure to take care of them, feed them, house them in a nice vivarium... But I really don't know how many people who'd buy a bug for a brooch would go through that trouble.

If you want a beetle brooch that badly, just go get yourself a piece of the bajillion insect-themed jewellery items that exist, geez.

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Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Of all the demonic denizens of the Abyss, the succubus is admired by mortals because it usually appears in the shape of someone especially desirable. Of course those mortals are very, very stupid if they think they're going to get a good time from this demon without having to give anything in return. The succubus is, after all, a soul-sucking monstrosity. They feel like ice. You will not have fun. Then you'll die.

Every culture has its version of the succubus, that is to say the seductive, disease-bringing, man-eating demon that serves as a warning against getting yourself some strange. The male equivalent, the incubus, isn't quite as common and usually extra rapey.

Some Christian texts claim that the incubus and succubus are the same demon shape-shifting between male and female forms. Angelic and demonic beings are supposedly unable to procreate the biological way. To get around this, the succubus steals semen from her victim, then shapeshifts into an incubus to impregnate a female victim. Despite the human source, the demonic transportation ensures that any child born of this union isn't completely human. Merlin is said to be the result of a union between an incubus and a human woman.

Something I really resent with depiction of succubi/incubi, especially modern depictions, is the focus on the sexiness of the demon. It's very much an "ooooh nooo, I'm getting seduced by this hot chick/dude with horns oh wellllll..." with none of the "btw this is sexual assault it hurts i'm literally wasting away please call a priest" part of the legends. These sex demons were associated with nightly emissions, sleep paralysis, sexual anxiety, rape... There's a reason these guys go after you in your sleep. So I really wanted so create a really repugnant image. Something that really showed the predatory sexual horror that this demon is supposed to represent.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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