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Sunday, 13 November 2016


The curse of the wereshark is most often seen in coastal or island nations. The shark form of this curse means that the afflicted has so keep close eye on the lunar cycle, since transforming away from water leaves the shark in a helpless, painful situation. In water, of course, the wereshark is deadlyand difficult to outswim.

Like the werecrocodile, this is another creature that makes you scoff because it seems like a silly idea. But like the werecrocodile, it has a basis in myth and man's fear of his area's apex predators. The Hawaiian legend of Nanaue tells of a man born to Kalei and Kamohoalii, human woman and shark king. Before Nanaue was born, the shark god told the Kalei to never let the child eat meat. But as a coming of age rite, the men of Kalei's village took him away and gave him meat, not knowing what his mother knew. That sparked a hunger for human flesh in Nanaue and at night he would turn into a shark and hunt for human victims. Nanaue was forced to flee and make a new home several times, but the local villagers would always chase away the vicious man-eating shark.

Also Nanaue had a big ol' shark mouth on his back even when in human form.

Sorry about the several months of silence between posts! I just got really burnt out on work and hadn't been happy with my attempts to design interesting new D&D creatures. I hope this wereshark is a sign of inspiration returning.

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  1. Welcome back! Perhaps I should say welcome home.

    I am very happy to see your art again, for I am far more interested in, and inspired by, the type of work you do here than what I've seen in the published products. There is an sameness in the current look of D&D and Pathfinder art that IMHO lack rhythm and soul.

    All the best! Can't wait to see what's next.

  2. We are lucky to have you back ;)

  3. So blessed to see your work again! this Wereshark design is badass! it's right up there with the basilisk and the maticore!

  4. this is another creature that makes you scoff because it seems like a silly idea

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  5. Of course, now it's hard to look at this and not think of how Maui was portrayed in Moana. Also, you got a spambot at the bottom of this comments section...