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Monday, 23 November 2015

Dungeons & Drawings Book 2!


We made another book!

Back in 2013 we put out the first Dungeons & Drawings book. We’d been selling postcards at expos for a while and decided to experiment with something a bit more ambitious. 40 of our favourite images went into the book, accompanied by simple stats, descriptions, and the folkloric history of the creature and scientific trivia surrounding its possible origins.

Book #1 went down well, so now we’ve decided to continue with the series with a second!

Dungeons & Drawings #2 debuted at Thought Bubble in Leeds this year. Thanks to all the people that bought it, and to those that bought the first one and rushed excitedly for the second one.

And now we have an Etsy store. Both books are available for sale now! Go git ‘em!

(Comes with cat’s sniff of approval.)


  1. I may have to buy the first one a second time, it was on honorary place at my bookshelf and just disappeared, I suspect Book of Imaginary Beings ate it.

  2. Nice! I'll probably order both books quite soon, i'm sure they'll look good under the Christmas tree.

  3. Yes! Now I can add Book 2 to my collection...even if I am a little behind the release date.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hello ! I know I'm way behind, but i'd like to buy your book and I can't seem to find your etsy store anymore.
    Could you help me to an online store where I could find it ? (I need online because I'm in France, and I need the book because I have the first one and it is brilliant).

    1. Hey there. Sorry for the late reply.

      We'd been having a little trouble with the store, but it's all fixed now. If you wanna buy the book, you can just head over to Etsy.

    2. Yeah, thank you ! Book 2 has been ordered, and book one is eager to meet its little brother :)

  6. Hi there! I'd love to buy these, but it looks like your etsy store is down again?

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