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Friday, 25 October 2013

Dungeons & Drawings: BOOK VOLUME 1

So we've got a big announcement that we've kept under our collective hats for a while now!

We made a book.

Now available to buy, Dungeons & Drawings Vol. 1 clocks in at a sumptuous 93 full-colour pages, featuring 40 of our favourite Dungeons & Drawings redesigns. Each picture is accompanied by a description, some simple statistics, and a look into the real-world origins of each creature. Wow! Some illustrations are book-exclusive, too. Zinged!

Waitasec! "Vol. 1", you ask? Why, yes! With over 200 images on the blog, we're looking to make a whole series of these to sell at conventions and expos, as well as through the magical wonder of paypal and the internet.

Just check out some of these super-sweet shots of our handiwork! Pow! Blam!

Is it possible to imagine anything remotely more rad than this? THE ANSWER IS NO


The answer is simple.  By clicking the button below and exchanging just £8 / ~$13 of your yank dollars through the magic of paypal (excl. postage, natch), we will send you a copy of this fine example of illustrative gorgeousness in the mail. It literally couldn't be easier!!!!!

Every purchase helps us keep going and increases the likelihood that we can get more stuff printed in the future. Because we love putting stuff on the internet, of course! But we also love the feel of a really nice print, and we want you guys to have that too!

Dungeons & Drawings: Vol. 1 will be available to buy this weekend at the London MCM Expo and at lots of other conventions across the UK as we attend them. If you see us, come by, say hi and have a look!

And, as always, thanks for supporting the site with your views and your interest! Posting has been slow lately due to working on the book & other factors, but the ultimate goal is always to post the highest quality material we can produce.  Keep checking back for updates!

- Blanca & Joe


  1. I hope Wizards of the Coast is aware that you're making a book and it's all clear with them. I've seen other artists get cease and desists when trying to make a physical product.

  2. If that were the case, holy crap would they need to talk to a lot of OSR people!

    This is awesome!

  3. Chatted briefly at ComicCon earlier.
    Bought 3 postcards. Nice work.
    Will look out for you guys again at Comica next week ;-)

  4. Will this book be available in the US anytime soon? Shipping is expensive. Are you attending any conventions or anything like that?

    1. So far the book is only available in England unless you order online. We sometimes toy with the idea of doing a few cons in america, but it may yet be a while before that happens.

  5. Ordered a copy, looking forward to seeing which creatures made the cut.

    I can only hope mecha-crabzilla made it in.

  6. Book I ordered arrived recently and it occupies space between AD&D 1st Edition Monster Manual and The Book of Imaginery Beings by Jorge Luis Borges on my bookself.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Absolutely ace! Will get an order in when my Mum gives me my pocket money.

  9. I live in the US and I'd like to get a copy for all four members of my game group. Is there a way to order more than 1 in a single order so I can avoid separate shipping charges?

    1. I think you could make a donation for the appropriate amount (£45 including shipping in a single pack), with a note that has the address, that should work okay.