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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Summoning Ooze

Common Oozes are difficult enough creatures to fight; alien in form and movement, often with a host of  more unpleasant qualities to substitute for the effectiveness of teeth and claws - with the Summoning Ooze the problem is compounded somewhat.

Possibly the result of a summoning spell physically manifesting, a Summoning Ooze is a gelatinous mass threaded through with glyphs of calling and binding which swim in chaotic patterns, summoning random creatures which materialise to serve the creature's bidding.

I feel a bit tired of digital painting so here's something a little more on the "graphic" end of the spectrum again. I got a little way into animating this guy (I love animating abstract blobby shapes swirling around) but I thought for the sake of speed for now I'll just post the image. Oozes are, as always, tricky to give some character to - for this guy I went for a weird anemone-style shape, like a many-armed head on a stalk (even if it's obscured a bit by all the stuff going on around it). Make sense to you guys?

- Joe


  1. Angrygodofmilk9 June 2013 at 21:43

    Digital painting is different than digital drawing, but this looks like you used the pen tool, stroked some paths, and then filled some solid colour behind it. Not even shading. This is the bare bones of digital drawing. I've been following your site for years, but sometimes, like today, I feel that no update is better than updating. You are better than this Joe. Sorry, bad comments with the good sometimes.

    1. Hey, I genuinely appreciate all forms of criticism, good and bad, so no worries whatsoever. I think there's a problem here, in the composition mostly (I designed it bit by bit rather than all together and the result is too confusing) but I guess the whole style issue is a more personal bag. Thanks, though!