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Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Among the demonic hordes of the Infinite Layers of the Abyss, the Dretch is undoubtedly the most pitiful. Small, stinking, blubbery midgets, they are only barely intelligent enough to comprehend speech and cannot approximate it themselves - instead relying on a crude form of telepathy. Which is not to deny that Dretches are cruel, monstrous creatures who seek out murder and destruction for the sheer joy of it; merely that where there is a Dretch, there is also most likely a more powerful demon somewhere behind, goading it into action.

I finally bought a cintiq last week! This makes two entries so far made using a cintiq on this blog - this one and the Rogue Eidolon (which I made at a place where I was working last year). They both have a kind of painterly look, which is something the cintiq helps with. This guy was fun to draw, especially the graphic, simian face. I tried to get a balance between him looking scary/silly, it's a balance I like to straddle. What do you think?

- Joe


  1. I think hit looks great, color is perfect and in the whole it has certain vax animation look. On matter of scary/silly I think it goes straight to silly side where I think the old AD&D MM things were creepy and looked like atomic mutants out of B-movie.

    1. ha! yeah, the earlier designs remind me of those plastic suits in old monster movies. I guess I probably fall more on the silly than the creepy side in general but I do think if someone made a life-size pupped of this guy i'd find it unsettling!

    2. That life-size pupped would very probaly be in "run and don't look back" category of headspace though, I mean hippos look silly and all but they still are something to be admired from far.

      On colors I have to comment what I liked was how you have used opposed colors, green glow at bottom and the red fingertips.