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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Jammy Dodger and the Marmelooze

Sorry about the lack of updates. See the previous post for our excuses.

Also sorry about cheating, because this is my new character, rather than a creature. I just finished DMing Paizo's Path of Immortality set of adventures, which ended up with everyone dying (except for one who went mad with power and another person who got trapped in the Astral Plane). Some of the players enjoyed it to the point of wanting to DM there own campaign, which they said would be silly.


So my new character is Jammy Dodger, gnome alchemist/summoner. The Marmelooze is what happens when you make preserves from magical oranges. It would seem I like playing gnomes that probably shouldn't be adventuring.

Dis gonn be good though.


  1. I'd quite like a Marmelooze..!

  2. Huh, that is very interesting. I'm curious how you built the eidolon. Particularly, which base form did you choose? (Since an ooze is pretty much just an amorphous blob.) If I had to guess, I would say the aquatic base form?

    1. I mostly went for a serpentine-type form, though I did ask my DM if I could switch out the tail and tail slap for two other 1-point evolutions.