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Thursday, 24 January 2013


Lycanthropy is a magical affliction, transmitted through contact with cursed creatures known as Werewolves. The hapless subject experiences a painful and spontaneous transformation into a bestial form resembling a humanoid wolf either upon experiencing physical harm or being exposed to the light of a full moon. In time, the subject may learn to control his condition, eventually becoming able to suppress the more animalian urges that accompany the transformation and in some cases to effect the change at will.

Werewolves are dangerous foes, mixing the ferocity of a wolf with the best traits of the host creature. Their resilience, too, is legendary - foes attacking with anything but silvered weaponry are unlikely to kill them.

I wanted to do the werewolf because, like dragons and other famous monsters, I find most depictions of them take a similar sort of route. I've shamelessly plagiarised the red face/blue lips from Blanca's sublime Red Dragon but otherwise tried to take the monster away from the usual lithe, brown and muscular form and into something that belongs in a game like FFIX, big and colourful and blocky.

Also, it might not be immediately obvious but the host creature in this case is a dwarf - this was something that always made me curious. Do bigger creatures make for bigger werewolves? I like the idea that conservation of mass would make a dwarf into a rather short, stocky wolfman. Pleased with the painting quality I got for this one - make sure you click it to see it full-size!

- Joe


  1. I want to have this one printed on a 3D printer!

  2. There's a pinky finger missing on the right hand. Otherwise, great work, as usual.

  3. It is so nice but I won't name it as werewolf but it reminded more of Naruto. kid with orange wolf within himself. Anyways good post, thanks for sharing it

  4. I like magicians. their job is very interesting just like this water wolf. At first look everyone will be confused what it is actually and this is magic.