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Sunday, 6 January 2013


A grotesque caricature of a human head crossed with a bat, the Vargouille is an awful creature hailing from the nether plane of Carceri. At a meagre 18 inches high (excluding its wings), it might seem little more than a pest to the experienced adventurer - yet it is endowed with the ability it shares with its greater cousin, the hideous Vargouille's Kiss and will often attack in swarms. Ranged combat with these horrors is recommended!

Happy New Year! 2012 was fun for the most part. We saw our pageviews skyrocket on a number of occasions (helped in no small part by certain websites COUGH COUGH) and all our statistical graphs exhibit healthy, upwards-pointing slopes. So a big THANKYOU to everyone who visits Dungeons & Drawings, particularly to those who check back weekly and who provide us with feedback and Facebook likes and such! This helps us to get the word out on our blog so that more people can check out what we do. So don't forget to comment, tweet and facebook anything you see that you like - we've even made it stupidly easy for you by adding a set of buttons below each post SO YOU DONT EVEN NEED TO COPY AND PASTE THE URL. You can LITERALLY do it ONE-HANDED. With a MOUSE. This means if you buy a second mouse you can use the other hand to tweet about TWO POSTS AT ONCE. THIS IS SOME 2013 STUFF HERE, KIDS.

So what can we expect of 2013? First and foremost a ton more monsters.

But I'm also looking into ways to increase the amount of viewer feedback we get from y'all, things like polls to let us know what you want to see more of - creature types, challenge ratings, maybe colours or something. I've been talking to Blanca about the possibility of opening a separate Tumblr blog - is this something any of you would like to see? We're also getting together some stuff for merchandise which will be on sale somewhere later this year. PLUS WE WILL BE AT ONE OR MORE CONVENTIONS IN THE UK (stay tuned for news).

So, yeah. That was a bit of a long post, but I guess I had a lot to say. Hope you like the Vargouille. Here's to another great year!

- Joe


  1. Beautiful art! I like the Cthulhuesque Art Deco style of this Vargouille :-)

  2. I think a tumblr would be amazing! The vargouille is very good too.