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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Brain Mole

Amazingly psychic moles aren't another entry in the silly things wizards make tag (not to my knowledge, at least), but it's darn close. These little fellas must be quite annoying for early-level psionic adventurers, draining your precious power points and giving you psychic-only diseases.

Psionics (psychic magic) is one of those sets of rules I never bothered learning with D&D. The game is already complicated and varied enough as it is without throwing another form of casting in the game. All I really know about it is what I read about in this monster's entry, and the various complaints of loud people in forums claiming that they're broken.

Any psionic stories from you guys?


  1. Never used them myself. kinda want to now, just to kill them with moles...

  2. Like most 1st edition rules, psionics are only as "broken" as your DM is. I ran 1st edition for 10 years and allowed them, and I think there were maybe two characters who ever had them. The psionics really didn't seem to make much difference one way or another.

    Nice artwork BTW.