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Sunday, 20 May 2012


The Devourer is a giant undead creature, looking like a mummified shambling creature with great claws and an exposed ribcage. There's a little person in the ribcage. This little person is YOU.

Well, not really you. Potentially you. As in it's a full-round save-or-die ability it uses to suck the soul out of you and stick in its chest, slowly being consumed as it uses its magical abilities. This is another creature you should probably stick to using arrows for.

Also, this weekend (26th-27th of May) me and Joe Sparrow will be at the London MCM Expo. I'll be selling a couple of Dungeons & Drawings stickers and prints, and he'll be selling his own original artwork and comic. So drop by and say hi!


  1. Easily one of my favs. And intriguing, as, if it's undead, what is it the undead form of? I've had hands in two articles playing on that playground. :)

  2. Not entirely sure why this is classified as undead rather than monstrous humanoid or outsider or something. Maybe the trapped guy is what counts as undead? It is a soul being artificially manipulated into not going into the afterlife.

    1. Not all undead are created from once-living creatures. The nightshades are products of negative energy, but they still qualify as undead.

    2. Kind of depends on the game and world you play. In the Pathfinder campaign setting, nightshades come from the spirit energy of fiends and souls faced by ultimate corruption. There's a cool article on those monsters (AND DEVOURERS!) in Paizo's Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Undead Revisited.

      Sorry to ramble off topic, though. I totally love this piece! Especially since it reminds me of terrifying mash-up between D'Compose (from the 80s cartoon Inhumanoids) and the Slender Man. Creepy! Great work. :)