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Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Party

Presenting the cast of 3rd edition D&D, entering the treasure chamber at the end of a dungeon: Jozan the human cleric of Pelor, Mialee the elven wizard, Tordek the dwarven fighter and Lidda the halfling rogue. Mialee looks a little worried guys; better have Lidda check the doorway before you rush in.

Well, the cast of D&D is really much much larger, with representatives of each class and race. They don't just appear in the classes page, but also in adventure modules and in the feats and spells pages of the books, demonstrating the benefits of those choices. These four happen to represent the classic roles that an adventuring party is made up of (healer, arcana, tank and dps, respectively). I suppose I could've added the fifth man as Gimble the gnome bard/party face, but whaddaya gonna do.

Especially happy with the way Tordek turned out in this.

Anyway, this is my special illustration to you guys for getting me 100,000 views on Dungeons & Drawings. It's been about a year and a half since I started this blog with Joe Sparrow. Special thanks go to him for suggesting we start this blog.

Special thanks also go to my followers, my guest artists, the people who post my art in their sites and forums, my mom and family for being my first commenters, to the commenters that came after them, to the people who posted my stuff on reddit and to Wolfgang Baur for putting the blog in his Kobold Quarterly newsletter and got me a huge influx of viewers, to those that have commissioned me, to the forum-goers of Kobold Quarterly and Giant In The Playground, to those of you who voted on my polls and suggest monsters and to the industry people who make me feel special in that some of my work has caught their eye. I do this for fun and the art is worthwhile in itself, but it the attention doesn't hurt.

Now get me some more views.


  1. Congrats!

    I think the only thing missing from this picture is LOOMING DEATH!