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Monday, 30 January 2012

Clockwork Mender

Required raw materials: gold, silver, copper, rhodium, earth, amber, glass, ichor (earth elemental), blood (bird), blood (hornet), blood (own).

Being a bit late with these. I was working on last week's one and hoping to get it out on time, but it looks like it's gonna require a little bit more time.

Clockwork Menders are cat-sized vaguely insectoid machines that exist to repair other constucts. They can be individuals, but are commonly found in swarms, though the swarm doesn't last very long as Clockwork Menders will use up their own life force in the repair of another construct. Their main form of defence is a numbing poison.

With the Improved Familiar feat, some ranks in Craft (blacksmithing) and an open-minded GM, you too can have one of these little creatures as a companion. That or you can try to steal one from the plane of Mechanus.

Trying out pixel-stuff a little bit, because its fun in a way. I'm not sure if I could do this consistently, but it's still fun.

I was actually originally trying to do this with pen and ink, but found that I'm still to inexperienced with it to have the steady hand required for perfect circles.


  1. I love this guy and love that you've done him in pixel. Great job!

    I realize this is more time consuming, but I hope to see more pixel versions here and there.

    I've only used clockwork creatures/machines in the Al-Qadim setting. I believe there is even a clockwork mage in the Sha'ir's Handbook.

  2. Nice work, and the insect/construct crossover seems like a great pairing to me.

    (Oh, and I saw a little typo in "caat" ....)

  3. Cool, the pixel style gives it a very mega-man vibe which is perfect for the monster.

    @burnedfx - Yes! The clockwork mage was a kit in the Complete Sha'ir's Handbook that absolutely rocked. I remember adapting those rules to make a frankenstein type Necromancer kit who stitched together minions and a Transmuter kit who made chimeric monsters (very much like Pathfinder's summoner).