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Monday, 5 December 2011

Valenmar (human cleric) and Edge (tiefling rogue)

Like most parties, we have a rogue and a cleric. Our rogue is a tiefling (supposedly, since he doesn't actually show any quasi-demonic abilities or traits) who specialized in knife-throwing, and the cleric is a human optimized for destroying the undead. Like, literally, we'd walk into a room filled with skeletons, he'd flash his holy symbol and boom. Everything's dead. The guy playing the cleric recently left the group due to the amount of stuff he's been doing, so that's gonna make things a little more deadly. We use my pony to detect when there are undead stalking us.

One more character to go now!


  1. OMG at the pony! I think Kay has the opposite behavior, "Protect the pony!" Your method sounds like fun at the table.

    Are you also planning on drawing a "group photo" with the party all together?

  2. Awesome.

    If I may make a suggestion, you should include the pony.

  3. Love this piece! Great work and awesome characters. All of us here at Paizo are loving these posts!!! :)

  4. Adorei a personificação do clérigo! Ela parece expressar bem o conceito inicial da classe: um caçador de mortos-vivos, ao estilo Abraham Van Helsing.

    Parabéns, vocês são ótimos.