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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Celestial Fire Beetle

Buck has recently completed his training as a sorcerer. One of his favoured spells is a simple monster summoning spell, which he used to summon creatures from the good dimensions beyond ours.

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Celestial creatures are the subjects of a simple template. When you use a summon monster spell, you summon creatures from either a good plane (celestial) or an evil plane (fiendish), which proceed to fight for you. Druids and rangers have a similar spell called summon nature's ally, which works exactly as the sorcerer-wizard equivalent except that the creature summon is always a mundane animal.

It was a bit of a stuggle finding an appropriate creature to draw. In most of the results, I could think up of a mentor for Buck, but for some reason found it harder with the arcane savant result. So I looked at the summon spell and picked one of the listed creatures that looked interesting. Sadly, fire beetles don't actually breathe fire. They're called that because they have bioluminescent glands.

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