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Saturday, 3 September 2011

DRAGON MONTH: Hidecarved Dragon

The Hidecarved are an ancient order of dragons and half-dragons devoted to preserving law and order. Equivalent perhaps to monks of other races, they gather into small clans or groups called "lauths" of around four or five, and take it upon themselves to keep the peace in a certain area. Their most distinctive feature is their namesake, the mysterious runes that are scored, dark and deep, into their scaly skin. These markings are not merely aesthetic; the technique required to create them is by necessity a cruel and painful procedure, limiting the order to all but the toughest dragons. The markings themselves have been passed down over long eons - powerful magic runes of protection that, once the dragon is fully trained - render it near invulnerable to conventional weapons and magicks.

Dragon Month continues! We had a sort of impromptu hiatus mostly centered around a short stay in spain with Blanca's family. As it stands, Dragon Month is going to be about 2 1/2 months long. Maybe dragons just experience time at a slower rate to us poor, toiling humans?

"Hidecarved" is a Dragon prestige class in the Draconomicon book which I quite like. Believe it or not, D&D is more than able to let you play as one of these scaled blighters (although, as with any supernatural races that are inherently stronger than humans, you're generally going to be taking some sort of level penalty to even you out with everyone else. you little Mary Sue, you), and there are a host of options for you if you want to specialise which specific kind of gigantic invincible firebreathing magic creature you would like to be. You'll certainly be having fun with the Hidecarved - their speciality is obviously toughness, so by later levels magic and weapons will literally be bouncing off you.

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