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Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Krakens are gargantuan leviathans of the deep, intelligent and predatory. Mostly seen by sailors (and even then rarely) these squid-like creatures devour ships whole or drag them beneath the waves as prisoners to their underground cave-lairs, where they keep slaves to serve and feed them.

One day I'll upload one of these on time again! Remember what that was like? When I used to upload on a Sunday? That was nice. In my defence my main job as a comic book artist is sort of spilling over into the weekends and I also do a bunch of other stuff (STARCRAFT2COUGHCOUGH)

Pixelly stuff again this week, sorry if you prefer the more brushy sort of drawing. Also why am I so fond of hi-contrast colours? I guess it satisfies my inner purist. These colours make for such nice, simple hexadecimal values! #000000, #FF00FF, #0000FF, I could go on.

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