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Sunday, 17 April 2011


A Grisgol is a strange construct, made haphazardly but nonetheless dangerous. Its body is comprised of a tattered mass of various magical items, loosely held together by mummy-like bandages of spell scrolls and wards. Its arm might be a sword or staff; its head an enchanted helm, or its insides a clinking stack of alchemical potions - their highly chaotic, magical nature makes them immune to most magical effects. In addition to this, the enchantments usually used to power an ordinary golem are simply too weak to bring Grisgols to life; they are usually powered by a Lich's phylactery - a small trinket such as a jewel or phial containing the soul of a dead sorcerer. This makes them doubly dangerous - not only are their physical bodies corrosive and unstable, their souls are ancient and malicious.

Our second guest week begins tomorrow! As with last time, we'll be updating with a new image every day for a whole week, involving a bunch of different artists with different styles. Check back each day for some new artsy goodness.


  1. What kind of CR does this monster have? I like when you include this, just to give a level or relativity between the different monsters.

    I really enjoy your art and writing, keep it up!

  2. Thankyou! He's CR 15, the full stats for this guy are actually on the WotC website as part of an excerpt from the third monster manual - unsurpsing really given how cool he is. I'll try to give more of an indication of relative power levels in the future though!

  3. It kinda reminds me of the discworld books, where broken magic items are similar to radioactive waste, except they do really weird and stupid things instead of just giving people cancer.