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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Topiary Guardian

The topiary guardian is a creature used by druids and noblemen as sentinels for their glades and gardens. Unlike true golems, which are purely animated by magic, topiary guardians have a summoned spirit that moves their bodies. They are able to stand perfectly still, blending perfectly among the other similarly manicured hedges. Their soft leafy bodies make them invulnerable to attacks from non-edged weapons, making arrows and clubs useless, but mean that fire is their worst enemy.

Sorry for being late with this stuff; it's been a tiring week. The reason the creature's shaped like a stag is because the job I've been working on involves me animating a stag, so I've been looking at lots of videos of bouncing deer.


  1. Um, I'm not sure exactly what fluff you're working off, but the true golems I know are indeed animated by spirits in their bodies... earth elemental spirits, usually.

  2. This is SO cool!!! Can you do more like this?