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Sunday, 6 March 2011


The halls of the dwarven kings are the sombre grave of a great civilization who met unfortunate doom. In it's great halls, there is first the quick patter of a thief's feet, followed by the wail of spirits still defending the ancient ruin.

A ghost is what's known as a "template" creature. You know how you can have a dragon, or a griffin, or an elf? Well you can also have a ghost dragon, a ghost griffin, or a ghost elf, by applying a certain set of stats to that creature. Something I like about D&D is its customizability through sheer number of templates for every situation conceivable. Because --gosh darn it-- if I want the players to fight a two-headed T. Rex that breathes acid and is made entirely out of goo, then my players will fight a two-headed T. Rex that breathes acid and is made entirely out of goo.

Those ghost were originally meant to be part of the Valkyrie image from a couple of months back, being the spirit of a dead warrior being taken to the enternal battlefields of the afterlife. But I couldn't find a way to draw the ghost that didn't take attention away from the Valkyrie herself, so he had to be scrapped.

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