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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

GUEST WEEK: Redcap by Ben Tobitt

The majority of Fey creatures (a category that includes faerie, nymphs, and other generally good-natured creatures) express their innately chaotic natures through mischief and folly, generally at the expense of the less-intelligent. Redcaps are one of the few exceptions to the rule - small and decrepit in appearence, these psychotic old men wield long, cruel scythes and take pleasure in little besides murdering the innocent. Legend has it that their eponymous red caps keep their hue by being nightly dipped in the blood of its victims.

Today's illustration is brought to us by Ben Tobitt, an illustration student at Kingston University. Ben is already something of a success before even leaving education, having taken on some high-profile commissions for book and album covers. Check out his website for a great and varied collection of work!

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