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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

GUEST WEEK: Orcwort by Grethe Bentsen

On the hill there's an immense tree that suddenly appeared one night, large, ripe grey fruit hanging from its branches. The fruits twitch and plummet to the ground with a wet sound, and in a few minutes monstrous man-shaped creatures burst from their syrupy interiors. Under cover of darkness they travel to the village below, and first take the livestock and animals. They take the drunks sleeping in the streets, the farmers rising at dawn to discover disappeared chickens, the women travelling to a nearby brook to gather water for the rest of the day... Every morning the grey monsters return to their home tree and place their new victim in a toothy hollow of the tree, which closes and eats.

Today's highly original image is brought to you by Grethe Bentsen, master of card and scissors. She's another one of our university chums and in fact was Joe's partner in their film Ex Libris, where she constructed and photographed the monsters that Joe later composited onto film.

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