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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Violet Fungus

The Violet Fungus is a man-sized, flesh-eating mushroom that primarily dwells in subterranean caverns. The mushroom can move, albeit very slowly. It's common to find it living among patches of another variety of predatory mushroom, the Shrieker, which can attract prey by emitting a sound like a person or animal in danger. This lures them within striking range of the Violet Fungus' poisoned tentacles.

Yup, plants can be enemies in D&D. You're never really safe. This is another request, suggested by Slagger the Chuul of the Wizards of the Coast forums.

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  1. Just discovered your blog thanks to a plug by the good folks at Kobold Quarterly. I must say.... I am absolutely blown away. Keep up the good work! Any chance of high-res images? Prints? I would definitely be interested.... I particularly enjoyed the spirit naga, the spriggan, the krenshar, and olaf ullathorne (though the entire catalog is astonishingly good).