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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Rust Monster

The Rust Monster is a squat quadrupedal creature covered in thick chitin of a dirty orange colour. It gets its name from its diet - the two long antennae protruding from beneath its eyes are capable of instantly rusting and disintegrating any and all metals they come into contact with, even those with magical enhancements. The Rust Monster then proceeds to devour the oxidised scraps which are its main food source.

The Rust Monster is an infamous creature and the bane of many an adventurer - that nice, shiny new +2 enhancement sword of impaling you picked up in the last dungeon? Disintegrated in seconds. The funny part is the creature itself isn't even that strong. Trying to go for a more gouache-ish effect in this one. As requested by /tg/!


  1. BAAaaawww... It's my favorite monster. So insidious and so CUTE! You visit /tg/? Here I thought my respect for you was a high as it could get.

  2. Aye, I flit from board to board but I find /tg/ one of the nicer communities. I'm in the process of animating a walk cycle for it... i'll post that soon.