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Sunday, 19 December 2010


A Defacer is an undead creature formed when the spirit of a shapechanging creature, such as a Doppelganger, is animated by a necromancer. Most ordinary creatures, once risen in such a way, will generally keep the form they held in life. Shapechangers, however, barely having a definite form or identity to start with, are brought back as dark, blank, faceless creatures, and their utter absence of identity compels them to "steal" the faces of those around them, a horrific ability which leaves the victim's face featureless. The many faces they "collect" in this way swim about their body, keening frightfully.

Been working a lot in what I guess would be called pixelart lately, essentially eschewing anti-aliasing of any kind and getting down and dirty with each individual pixel. It's really satisfying, it actually feels a lot to me like painting but there's a really nice, economic feel to it because you can only get so much detail in, every pixel has to be in the right place. anyway, another quick one this week, I'm actually a week behind now so I'll probably be doing another one tomorrow!


  1. First of all, I very much like both of your works. I have always been a fan of mixing a healthy bit of graphic design into iconic images. I just moved to Portland, OR, which seems to be somewhat of a hidden haven for graphic designers, at least judging by the amazing posters you see around town.

    Anyway, I found your website through Kobold Quarterly and was wondering if you might give permission for me to use some of your monster images at my website ( It's a wiki chronicling Paizo's campaign setting of Golarion. We would only be able to use the creatures from the original MM (as it's the only one published under the OGL), but that would still be quite a few. We always credit an artist's work and if you give us some info, would be happy to create bio pages for you (see I'll be monitoring this comment thread, or you can reach me at brandingopportunity at gmail dot com
    Kudos once again on all the great art on the site.

  2. Thanks for the compliments on our artwork.

    We'd be totally cool with you using our artwork of OGL creatures on the Pathfinder Wiki, and an artist bio page would be doubly cool. We may do creatures from other editions/Pathfinder in the future.

    We'll contact you via your gmail with more details.

  3. Excellent! I'll look forward to your email.