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Sunday, 7 November 2010


The Troll is a green-skinned, mountain-dwelling monster. They're not very smart, and appear clumsy because of their sloping posture, but they have all their senses tuned to relentlessly tracking down their victims. A Troll can regenerate any damage done to it, even the loss of an important body part either by attaching the lost part to the stump, or just growing a new one a few minutes later. It's possible that their low intelligence is partially because of their durability, that the Troll never felt a reason to be clever enough to avoid damage. Fire is their worst enemy.

Trolls are pretty classic monsters in roleplaying games and out. I'm not familiar enough with the mythology of this particular creature to know whether the regeneration thing stems from legend, or whether its an invention of D&D.

This interpretation of the troll is strangely plant-like. They're mostly green, and sometimes the hair is described as softly undulating, like it has a life of its own. The trolls have a sibling race called Scrags, which are esentially the same only aquatic, and their regeneration ability only manifests itself when mostly submerged underwater. This further empasizes the whole plant thing. Maybe there's a legend somewhere that says trolls came from trees or something.


  1. Trolls are definitely from legends. But, like elves, it depends on who you ask as to what a troll is really supposed to be. This is the D&D interperetation, though they took a lot of the other interperetations and made other monsters out of them too.

  2. The way you described trolls, they sound kind of like a toned-down version of Warhammer Orks.