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Sunday, 19 September 2010


Aboleths are a strange race of giant aquatic creatures. Bearing similarities to whales, eels and even cephalopods, they are among the oldest creatures in existence, but by no means the most primitive. Despite their appearance, they live in sophisticated societies, building huge, alien undersea cities in the deepest oceans. Despite their sophistication, the Aboleths are generally hostile to other younger races (such as humans), and their propensity to dabble in dark magics is good cause to leave them well alone if possible.

Aboleths, like Beholders, have been a Dungeons & Dragons staple since its very first edition. Most pictures show them as three-eyed catfish creatures, so to make it a little more interesting I tried to develop the head and face a little. I feel, again, like I should have made more effort with the background on this one (especially as it'd be interesting to think about what kind of cities these things build), but anatomically I'm pretty happy with it.

1 comment:

  1. There was a 3rd Edition Campaign pack that took you down to an Aboleth City. It's very similar to Illithid, and very Lovecraftian.
    Aboleths, Mind Flayers... these were always my favourite types of creatures as a DM, you could have such fun working up to them.

    I'm pretty impressed with how that Aboleth came out. They're cool monsters.