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Monday, 30 August 2010


The Spriggan is an unpleasant cousin of the Gnome. Ordinarily it appears as a short, bony, jaundiced humanoid with dirty reddish hair and a wild beard. Size, particularly concerning facial hair, is of paramount importance in Spriggan Society - presumably to this end, Spriggans have gained the uncanny ability to enlarge their bodies to thrice their usual mass, becoming hulking, ungainly ogres in an instant. Their unusual versatility in this way gives them both the dexterity and brawn to be a sizeable nuisance to all around them, and their presence in any respectable society is cause for worry.

Penned with a fineliner by hand, coloured in Photoshop. Massive beards are unhelpfully satisfying to draw.


  1. Y'know, I had a guy who looked just like that in my Forensic Chemistry lab classes...

    Awesomely done though, I'd love to see you guys take on an Azer :)

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