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Sunday, 1 August 2010


The Krenshar is a deceptively intelligent feline creature. It hunts in packs, though its main strategy is for a lone scout to scare the prey towards the larger group by retracting the skin off its face and issuing a terrifying howl of almost supernatural ability.

Deciding on the most appropriate way to display this creature's particular special talent was more difficult than it should have been, mostly because I didn't just want to show a stalking leopard-thing with a skinned face. Its a little bit dull, and the Monster Manual's already got dibs on that. The point of this project is to make illustrations different from your typical fantasy art style (though that's not to say that the typical fantasy style can't be amazing).


  1. The krenshar was always one of those creatures that really made me sit up and say "WTF?". It's just simply horrid! Fig.3 brought all those nightmares screaming back into reality.

  2. As the inventor of the krenshar, I approve!