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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Razor Boar

The Razor Boar is an especially mangled and cruel-looking animal covered in dark fur. It's thick, scarred hide protects it from most attacks, including magical attacks. Large as a horse, the razor boar can trample its enemies and sever their heads using his large tusks.

Doing the wrinkles on his face was probably the most fun part.


The Roc is a gigantic bird, "almost too big to be believed", that makes large animals such as horses, elephants, and small whales its prey. I love the idea of ordinary creatures blown up to extraordinary sizes, and whilst there isn't anything especially glamorous about the Roc, it's nice in a simple sort of way.

There's this picture of one I find really funny where it's holding a hapless whale in its big claws, so I thought I'd take that idea of this gigantic predator and make it a little more dynamic.